Audio Training Program

Don't have time to attend a training class? Too busy to get away from the shop or always on the road? Consider the AASP-PA training library! As a member of AASP-PA, you can borrow audiotapes and CDs for personal growth or development of business skills.

Are you trying to accumulate AMI credits to obtain your Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) credits? The Training Library can help! Two packages from the Automotive Management Institute, Handling Difficult Employees, Customers, and Suppliers (two CDs) and Bigger Profits Through Better Hiring (two cassettes), were added to the library. Borrow a package, complete the corresponding AMI test, and earn three AMI credits. Whether or not you are interested in the credits, you will learn something that will benefit your business.

You may view our list of available cassettes/CDs in PDF format. AASP-PA members are allowed to check out two audio cassettes/CDs at a time. If you are interested in more than two selections, we place your name on a waiting list and send them to you (maximum two at a time) upon return of any borrowed cassettes/CDs. To order any audio cassettes/CDs, simply print the order form (see above link) and fax or mail it to AASP-PA. Did you know that AASP-PA also has a VIDEO TRAINING LIBRARY?

AASP-PA maintains a comprehensive library of training videotapes. Topics include everything from repairs, diagnostics and systems overviews to business management, health and safety and environmental programs. As a member of AASP-PA, you may borrow training videotapes/DVDs at any time.

To order any audio or videotapes, a CD or a DVD, email us or simply print the order form and fax or mail to AASP-PA. Click to view the training library.