Benefits of Supporting AASP

The AASP-PA hosts many events throughout the year; multiple golf outings, a training weekend (with trade show), sporting clay shoot and a multitude of regional trainings.

We could not provide the training and learning opportunities nor the "fun" events such as golf outings that bring AASP-PA members out of their shops for a day, if it wasn't for our Allied Members, Advertisers & Sponsors. Supporting the AASP-PA is as easy as providing a sponsorship for an event such as T.O.O.L.S. or a golf outing or as complex as underwriting an event and presenting your product or services to our members in person.

Building a relationship with AASP-PA is a win-win for anyone in the aftermarket or automotive industry. We represent over thousands of industry professionals. This equates to thousands of decision makers, potential customers and clients and the opportunity to gain valuable market share throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. The most effective way to reach these members is through support of AASP-PA.

Many sponsorships or allied memberships offer the opportunity to network, reach out to our members and even to speak at local chapter meetings. This puts you at the forefront of Pennsylvania's aftermarket industry!

Relationships and networking are what have made the AASP-PA what it is today; a complex network of industry professionals whose goals are aligned and can readily rely on each other, and the Association, for cutting edge technologies, instruction and encouragement.

We welcome all inquiries regarding upcoming opportunities to participate or sponsor an AASP-PA event. You'll find the greatest ROI by participating and supporting the AASP-PA in terms of reaching the largest customer base and the most decision makers. You'll also be demonstrating your support for the aftermarket industry.