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  • Analysis of Technician Supply in the Collision Industry 2013

    Thursday 17 October 2013

    The availability of qualified repair technicians in the collision repair industry is an ongoing concern for shop owners and operators in recent years and appears that it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. There are a variety of factors that have contributed to the shortage of qualified technical employees in the industry. They include: An Aging Workforce Increased Competition for Employees Shifting Market Share to Larger Shops Turnover... read more

  • Technician’s Operating Procedure in Four Easy Steps

    Thursday 17 October 2013

    If you don’t already have one, one of the best things you can do for your business is to create a Technician’s Operating Procedure. By having such a procedure in place, every technician in your shop will approach, execute and close out every job, every time, in the same format. STEP ONE: One of the first things to do when a customer comes in with a complaint is to perform a test drive. Whenever possible, the technician should ride along while the customer drives... read more

  • Go to College or Don’t Go to College? (The Skills Gap)

    Thursday 17 October 2013

    A question we as parents and our children struggle with at some time in our life, or do we? I would challenge you that we don’t! We hear every day President Obama and other leaders in our country repeat over and over we need our kids to get a college education. Despite the fact that not every student is college material we think because of what we’re being indoctrinated with that’s the path our kids need to take. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy into the message! What have we gotte... read more

  • Directing Traffic

    Thursday 17 October 2013

    While directing traffic is best left to trained public agency personnel, at times towers find themselves in a situation where these trained personnel are not available. This is why towers commonly carry cones and flares with them. CONES: Traffic cones are best used during short-term traffic directions, specifically when traffic is already blocked, moving slowly or when there is a potential for fire hazard. Cones should be a minimum of 18” tall with reflective strip... read more

  • Important - October 1, 2013 Required Disclosure - Notice of Exchanges

    Wednesday 18 September 2013

    In 2014, the Health Care Reform law creates a new type of online marketplace for purchasing health insurance coverage. It is referred to as a Health Insurance Marketplace, or an Exchange. As an employer, you are required to notify your employees about the availability of coverage through the Marketplace. AASP-PA is providing the notice (links below) to help you communicate this information to your employees and meet your obligations under the new law. To remain compliant, pleas... read more

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