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Poolside Cabana Welcome Reception 

Join us Friday evening for a welcome reception poolside in our cabana!  

SATURDAY Lunch KEYNOTE - Danny Sanchez

Your Customer is Evolving, is your Business Evolving with them?

Danny Sanchez presents a compelling view of the evolution of the overall customer experience across multiple channels - critical to the success of your automotive business. In this session prepare to hear how all generations, millennials, boomers, X, and Y generations have evolved into a new type of customer. They are internet savvy, more demanding and are skilled bargain hunters. If your automotive business depends on customer contact, your future success is dependent on your ability to evolve your customer service experience. 

Saturday Evening Trade Show

Immediately following dinner, please join us at the Trade Show for dessert and FUN!
Meet the vendors for the parts and services you currently use, network with others in the automotive industry and win prizes!


General Sessions

Saturday Morning Sessions

Increase Your Sales Profitability by Winning with the Decision Makers: Women
- Amy Mattinat, Auto Craftsmen, LTD

Studies shows 83% of women are responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicles, and women represent 73% of service facility customers.  But most auto repair businesses don’t understand that women and men perceive, believe and behave differently. If you learn how to tailor your shop’s culture and marketing to women, you will make more money per customer and gain a sales force of advocates who will help grow your business.

Amy Mattinat, independent auto repair shop owner, industry leader and marketing expert will give you the inside scoop on specific changes you can easily make to turbo-charge your market share with your most profitable prospects - women.

• Learn how women research the services they use and why they choose one business over another
• Discover how to create an appealing brand for women which will also build more business with men
• Find out how to effectively market to Women on less marketing dollars than you ever thought possible
• Identify that one simple signal that most automotive service advisors miss when a woman is losing patience with them and make more sales
• Learn how to leverage women’s referrals as the ultimate marketing multiplier, making each new woman customer at least four times more profitable than a new male customer.

The Anatomy of a Lawsuit: The Crucial Details for the $42 Million Verdict
Todd Tracy

One of the most important developments in collision repair today is the verdict against a shop for an improper roof repair. Todd Tracy, lead counsel for the vehicle owners, will recount crucial details of the depositions, the trial and the decision-making information presented to the jury that led to the precedent setting verdict. These details will:

• Help collision repair businesses avoid their own $42 million verdict

• Help clarify the facts that led a jury to conclude that OEM procedures were paramount

• Define how business decisions made in the course of a repair can have dramatic effect on both the repair outcome and ultimate responsibility

Mr. Tracy will also discuss the results of three crash tests that were conducted at KARCO Engineering where a glued-on roof, aftermarket parts and an OEM vehicle were all subjected to the same tests. These tests will be the scientific basis to show insurers why OEM repair specifications must be followed and that aftermarket parts are not suitable for safety.

2018 Mobile A/C Update Clinic
Tim Iezzi, MACS

Join MACS Worldwide, the industry leader in mobile A/C service information and training for an information-packed class where you will learn

• Repeat Heater Core Failures • Evaporator Failures & Leaks
• Temperature "Trim" Adjustment
• Our Struggle With Oil
• No A/C - Ambient Temperature Sensor Reading
• A Few A/C Shorts
• Oil Stains Mean Compressor Leak? Maybe Not!
• Buying a Recovery/Recycle/Recharge Machine
• Update on Refrigerant Regulations, R-1234yf, 609 Certification & Purchase Restrictions

How to Use FREE Online Tools to Attract New Customers Into Your Shop
Dave Striegel, Shop Doctor

The game has changed; Car Count is dropping everywhere. Prospective customers are now doing ALL of their research about where to go for car repairs using on-line search engines. Since Google & Facebook have positioned themselves as the heads above leaders in this arena, doesn’t it make sense to use their platforms to our advantage when it comes to attracting more of the right new customers into our shops?

This information-packed session will show you exactly how Dave Striegel uses the power of Google & Facebook in his shop to effectively deliver more new customers without having to spend a dime on marketing fees. Even if you have ZERO ‘likes’ right now, when you attend this training class, you’ll learn his simple method that will show you exactly how to grab the attention of thousands of potential new customers who are actively searching for your services immediately. Once you understand how Google & Facebook ‘think’, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get them showing your shop ahead of your competition in local searches.

Shop Owners: You have never seen anything like this before – Make sure you are in this room and bring your marketing staff, so everyone is on the same page and you can hit the ground running the very next week.

Turbocharger Operation and Diagnostics
John Thorton, Autotrain, Inc.

This class will focus on Turbocharger operation and diagnostics. A strong emphasis will be placed on turbo support systems including inputs and outputs.

John will discuss sensor inputs such as MAF (when used), Baro, MAP and boost (air charge). Also discussed will be wastegate valve and bypass valve controls.

The scan tool will be used exclusively for diagnostics, so data pid interpretation is an important part of this class. WOT runs will be studied in order to evaluate turbo efficiency. Discussion topics include the following:

• The Benefits of Boosting, and Intake Air Density
• Turbocharger Components
• 2011 Chevy Cruze Turbo Operation & P2261
• Ford F150 Twin Turbo 3.5L
• VW/Audi 2.0L Turbo & P0299


VW/Audi Driveability Case Studies
John Thorton, Autotrain, Inc.

This class will focus on VW/Audi driveability diagnostics using a case study format. A wide variety of topics will be covered. Following are the topics:

#1: 2009 Audi Q5 3.2L CALB Secondary Air Issue
#2: 2008 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0L BWT EVAP Issue
#3: 2007 VW Passat 2.0L BPY Turbo Boost Issue
#4: 2006 VW Passat 3.6L VR6 HP Pump Control Issue
#5: 2008 VW Passat 2.0L CCTA Low Pressure Pump Control Issue
#6: 2011 Audi Q5 2.0L CAEB Misfire Issue
#7: 2009 Audi A4 2.0L CAEB Intermittent No Start
#8: Immobilizer and Electronic Steering Lock case study

Each case study includes a discussion of the system being diagnosed and an explanation of the scan data/scope data used to make the diagnostic decision. A strong emphasis will be placed upon the scan tool and data pid interpretation.

10 Cost-Efficient Ways to Gain Customers & Grow Business
Amy Mattinat, Auto Craftsman, LTD.

Traditional Marketing is the most expensive kind of marketing a business can do to attract new customers, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you market your business strategically and creatively it will cost little and be more effective! Attracting new customers doesn't have to require elaborate, marketing efforts. This class will teach you how to evaluate your target audience, get the phone ringing, your email pinging, and how to get the right customers through your doors. You will learn proven marketing strategies that you can take home and begin implementing right away!

1. Find out how you can make your business stand out and surpass your competition.
2. Learn how to identify who your best, top quality customers are and what they have in common
3. Discover how to create a loyalty program that keeps your best customers coming back for more
4. Create a system to get your A+ customers to help you grow your business.
5. Walk out with examples of Amy's most successful marketing pieces that you can take back to your business and use right away.

Engine Technology: Modern Engine Condition Testing 
Brandon Steckler, CTI

Evaluating engine mechanical condition in today’s vehicles requires much more than a compression gauge. Learn how to test more than just the engine’s ability to seal. The ability to move more air, control camshaft position, disable and enable cylinders, and provide equal cylinder contribution is an essential part of every modern engine design. This class will present efficient and accurate ways to analyze modern engine condition. Learn how to save time by using oscilloscope, scan data, pressure transducers, and specialized software to determine the mechanical health of an engine quickly and easily.

Controlling the Front
Management Success

Sales are driven by effective communication and negotiation; this all begins with your front-end. This class includes effective role-playing drills, classroom exercises and an interactive Q&A session. The primary focus of this class is to practice and teach proven techniques for dealing with customers and insurance adjusters.

Succeed & Conquer with KPI's
Rick White, 180Biz

Every shop owner starts the same way; excited about running a business and becoming his or her own boss. Why then do some succeed while so many fail? It’s simple, really. The truly successful repair shop owner embraces the “business” side of his shop. He understands that to achieve the dream, he needs to focus on planning and execution – not activity. This champion learns “the numbers”. What to watch; what to measure; what to modify. This is what KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are all about. They are simply tools successful shop owners use to see where they are today compared to where they want to be; identify quickly whether things are getting better or worse; highlight areas that need improving before they become problems. This fast-paced seminar draws you into the shop owner’s journey as he makes his business healthy and more profitable using KPIs.

In the second part of the class, you should have YOUR numbers in front of you. We do a deeper dive into each KPI and compare your numbers to our benchmark metrics. We will review typical shop scenarios, see what factors affect each and learn what you can do to improve YOUR metrics. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to join those other champion shop owners on their journey as you make your business healthier and more profitable with the use of KPIs.

Sunday Morning Sessions 

Gasoline Direct Injection: Analytic Test Drive
Brandon Steckler, CTI

A test drive is not intended to isolate faults which may be causing a symptom or concern. The purpose of an analytic test drive is simply to gather information. Then once the information you have gathered has been analyzed, you can determine the proper test or tests to perform in order to narrow down the problem to a vehicle system or subsystem and eventually diagnose the root cause of a problem accurately. This class will examine several examples of captured scan data from GDI vehicles. This data will quickly assess the condition of the engine management system, verify correct operation, or find clues that will direct intrusive pinpoint tests efficiently. Whether the problem is DTC driven or symptom driven, a repeatable test drive cycle will determine if the root cause is air (VE) related, fuel related, or adaptive related.

Can't We All Just Get Along?
Rick White, 180Biz

Conflict in the shop between the Service Advisor and the Technician is all too familiar – particularly under increased business pressures. As shop owners we expect higher billed hours per ticket as well as higher efficiency and productivity in the bays. Whether we are ON or OFF, it all reflects directly on the bottom line.

The reality is that work is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many and differences are actually a positive force if you know how to harness them. Your ability to develop good interpersonal skills and create rapport in your shop environment can make – or break – the success of the shop. Are you ready to become a “Conscious Communicator”? In this class you will develop selfawareness, learn to analyze situations, and consciously select and use productive communication strategies. Find YOUR relationship style, identify your own strengths and weaknesses and master the winning tactics to work harmoniously with your counterpart in the shop or on the front counter to achieve your goals.

Fire Up Your Marketing Engine
Danny Sanchez, AutoShop Solutions

This powerful seminar walks shop owners and managers through the process of identifying their target market, identifying and analyzing competitors, and building an effective marketing plan to get more cars in the bay. Using proven techniques, this seminar will help shop owners build a marketing plan that includes internal, external, print media, Internet & electronic media, and a “word of mouth” advertising campaign. Over the past five years, the automotive industry has experienced a complete change in advertising trends. This seminar will bring the shop owner up-to-date on current marketing techniques and prepare them for future trends and changes yet to come

Critical Thinking-Diagnostic Strategies
"G" Jerry Truglia, ATTS

This seminar will cover how to sharpen your diagnostic skills, how to find the first place to start, how to set up a diagnostic game plan, how to use strategy-based diagnostics and diagnostic routines, and use PCM strategies and enabling criteria. This seminar has information on batteries including coding and reprogramming, parasitic draw, voltage drop, engine testing including relative compression, gas analysis, fuel flow testing, fuel trim, current ramping, PCM testing, pressure transducers, reprogramming, new way to test EVAP and much more.

Sales Training for Estimators 
Management Success

A 20% increase in a shop owner’s closing ratio could positively affect their bottom line significantly if he or she truly understands the value of estimating. This all starts with effective communication and negotiation. The Sales Training for Estimators class is delivered by Management Success’ most requested presenter and includes effective role-playing drills, as well as an interactive Q&A panel with owners of successful collision and body shops. The primary focus of this class is to practice and teach proven techniques for dealing with customers and insurance adjusters.


Sunday afternoon Sessions

The Phone Rings - What's Next 
Danny Sanchez, AutoShop Solutions

A phone call is one step away from another vehicle in your bays.

Each phone call is an opportunity to build trust with your customer. When a person picks up the phone to call your shop, they’re actively looking for a solution to a problem. Your job at this point is to calm their fears and build trust in your services. Their next step will either be bringing their vehicle in to your shop or finding another solution elsewhere. Customers are changing, the climate for evaluating shops has changed and when the phone rings there is a new way of communicating. This class will teach you how to connect with the customers on their terms to avoid losing them to a competitor.  As past owner of one of the most successful repair shops in the country and current CEO and founder of Autoshop Solutions, one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, AMI certified instructor Danny Sanchez, will give you the tools you need to train your team to help the customer feel at ease and build their trust in your expertise and integrity.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Scan Tool 
"G" Jerry Truglia, ATTS

This seminar will cover: Ways to maximize your scan tool proficiency- How to use scan data to direct your diagnostics - Scan data PIDS - Bi-directional control - Fuel Trim - Mode 6 - Calculated Load - Air Fuel Ratio - O2 Sensor - Freeze Frame - Time to Temperature - Generic OBD II and Enhanced Data. Utilizing your scan tool - scope and meter for a better diagnostic result. Snap-On, OTC, Launch, EScan among others will be used.

Learning Strategies for Wheel Alignment & Advanced Driver Assist Systems 
Tom Kelley, Hunter Engineering

Wheel Alignment And Thrust Angle:
    • Why Thrust Angle
    • Thrust Angle Myths

Basic Description of These Systems
    • Electronic Stability Control - Adaptive Cruise Control - Electric Power Steering
    • Blind Spot Detection - Active/Adaptive Steering - Night Vision

Safety Systems and The Alignment Bay
    • Tools and Accessories
    • Calibration of Safety Systems with Hunter Equipment
    • What Happens if I Don't Calibrate
    • Q and A

The Future of the Industry - What TOOLS will you need? 
Jeff Walter

Join us for a chat session with a panel made up of shop owners, technicians and business coaches. Through this panel, you will gain a perspective on the impact of this rapidly-changing industry at all levels. From what other shops are doing to stay up-to-date to what you can do to be a leading force in your hometown, you don’t want to miss the real-world information you can obtain by attending!



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