Special Events

Saturday Breakfast Keynote - Tom Tucker
Director of State Affairs, Auto Care Association

Tom will talk about actions in Washington that will impact the ability of shops to repair and maintain late model and future vehicles that are equipped with connected technology.

SATURDAY Lunch KEYNOTE - H. Scott Matthews
Associate Professor, Research Director, Green Design Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Scott will share Emissions and Safety Inspection results from information that he
and his team at Carnegie Mellon have analyzed.
1) Safety inspection failures and deterioration rate of tire tread: Data driven policy analysis for Pennsylvania
• Analyzed 5 million inspection records from official and private sources
• Estimated failure rate of vehicle safety inspections, considering the effects of repairs needed to pass
• Tracked deterioration of tire tread by vehicle, estimated average rate per 1000 miles
• Estimated number of vehicles on the road with tire tread thickness at or below the threshold safe level

2) Comparative assessment of OBD and IM240 Inspection Programs: Data Driven analysis of Pennsylvania
and Colorado Fleets over time
• Analyzed 30 million inspection records from official sources
• Found emissions test failure rates in Colorado and Pennsylvania
• Found level of agreement between parallel OBD and IM240 tests in Colorado
• Projected emissions rates of PA vehicles
• Estimated environmental benefits of emissions programs in both states

Saturday Evening Trade Show

Immediately following dinner, please join us at the Trade Show for dessert and FUN!
Meet the vendors for the parts and services you currently use, network with others in the automotive industry and win prizes!


General Sessions

Saturday Morning Sessions
Advanced Technology Vehicles: Diagnosing Hybrid Battery Pack Systems
John Gillespie, CTI
This course focuses on the operation, diagnosis and repair of hybrid battery pack systems in conventional hybrids; in other words, non-plug-in hybrids. Over the next few years, the average shop is likely to see the older and more common hybrids: Gen I and II Toyota Prius, to a lesser extent, Honda Civic and Insight hybrids, and Ford Escape and Fusion hybrids, particularly for issues related to hybrid battery packs. Emphasis will be placed on component  operation and tests, scan tool diagnostics and replacement procedures.

Prospering in the Auto Repair Business
Dan Gilley, RLO Training
A highly competitive market has dictated that each business develop methods to set it apart from its competitors. you will learn to identify profit leaks in the area of parts and labor, improve customer awareness and loyalty, and increase car counts and sales per repair order. Additionally, you will learn business building marketing strategies guaranteed to set your business far apart from that of your competitors. This course has enabled hundreds of shop owners to not only set themselves apart from the competition, but to substantially increase profits.

Ignition Waveform & Misfire Analysis
Jim Morton, MATS

In this popular presentation, Jim will be showing the technician all of the valuable information there is in an ignition waveform, both Primary and Secondary. Jim feels that this is a dying art due to the fact of the problems and cost of the secondary adapters. Also, most techs that try to use this information stop short and don’t use the ENTIRE pieces of the puzzle. There is an unbelievable amount of information in the Spark KV, Dwell time and Condenser/Coil oscillation areas along with the more popular Firing KV and Burntime. Join in on the FUN of putting the ENTIRE puzzle together.

Now for the Rest of the Story
Rick White, 180Biz
How many times have you heard the phrase “Profit is King”? How many “profitable” car and truck repair shops end up out of business? Why? This seminar is an overview focusing on the balance of financial & management key performance Indicators necessary in any healthy sales and repair business. We won’t just talk about the metrics– we’ll analyze a few shops with healthy “bottom lines” discovering together why the “bottom line” does not always help to grow your business. By the end of this class you will:
     1. Increase your comfort level with your financials
     2. Know how your financial statements are interrelated
     3. Learn how to use them as a tool in managing your business

MACS Mobile A/C Best Practices
Tim Iezzi, MACS
Join MACS Worldwide, the industry leader in mobile A/C service information and training for an information-packed class with NO SALES PITCHES presented by MACS trainer and mobile A/C expert Tim Iezzi, who’s also a working technician and shop owner in Reading, PA. In this class, you’ll learn what tools and equipment are needed to quickly determine the cause of poor A/C performance. Tim will review the purpose and function of each component, along with how to troubleshoot and performance test the system. He’ll also discuss Best Practice repair methods to help you successfully perform and verify repairs that keep your customers coming back. Topics covered include:
     - How mobile A/C works
     - Testing & troubleshooting
     - Best Practice repair methods
     - Leak detection tools & techniques
     - Refrigerant identification
     - Pressure / Temperature relationship for diagnosis
     - Air flow & fan clutch issues
     - Why do we evacuate A/C systems?
     - Compressor replacement & diagnosis
     - Oil type, viscosity & amount
     - Oil balancing, filters & flushing
     - The importance of accurate charging

Get Into the Market:  How to Service European Vehicles! 
Phil Eng, MAF
Servicing European vehicles can be very profitable if you know how to avoid the snags. We will show you what to service and how to find the common problems before they find you! Subjects include Oil Service, Battery register and Dual Battery. SBC and EPB brake systems, TPMS resets, common and not-so-common fluid leaks, tire and wheel service, driveline and transfer case faults, and finally, understanding driveability issues. Emphasis on BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW and Mercedes-Benz. Best part is your aftermarket scan tools are now able to perform the necessary resets and functions to make you profitable!

Measure, Manage, Market
Dan Gilley, RLO Training
This seminar contains excerpts from four courses. You will learn the four types of time, elements of technician productivity and efficiency, proven selling techniques, how to improve gross profits in each income stream, and three combined methods to increase net profits.

Advisor Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Rick White, 180Biz
This course reviews the top eight mistakes Advisors typically make in a selling situation and in a fast-paced, fun way shows you what you can do to avoid them! The class will be interactive and will combine instruction, stories, and role-playing to showcase each mistake. At the end of each section, there will be an easy to implement action list to avoid these common pitfalls.

This class teaches you how to:
     1. Identify the most common mistakes made on the front counter every day
     2. Take each mistake and discuss best practice responses for each
     3. Use tools that will be provided in these situations to guarantee success

Multi-Meters Electricity & More 
Tim Iezzi
This course is geared towards new technicians and experienced technicians wishing for a refresher course. We will begin with a discussion of the basic laws of electricity. We will apply the laws to real circuits and make measurements, guiding you through the ins and outs of multi-meter usage. We will explain how these circuits apply to the automobile as well has how to test some common automotive circuits. All students should bring their own multimeter as well as test leads, alligator clips and probes to make measurements with as you will be taught to use your meter. This course is hands-on.
Sunday Sessions
Peer to Peer for Shop Owners
Jeff Walter, AASP-PA
Jeff will be facilitating the Shop Owners Peer to Peer Forum. The automotive industry continues to be a significant contributor to the United States’ economy and the shop owners implementing business savvy tactics are the owners with flourishing facilities. Car maintenance, repairs, and services are regularly going to be in demand  regardless of whether people prefer to buy new cars or keep their old ones – How will you keep up with technology and the ever changing business climate? Healthcare, human resources, employee acquisition and retention, dealing with different personalities, legislative issues, sales, and marketing are just a few of the common day-to-day issues that arise. In this open discussion, you will hear and share thoughts on challenges and opportunities, available and needed resources, and ideas and comments on how to improve our industry and your business. Come learn, share, and leave with strategies to implement in your business immediately.

Tire Registration & TPMS:  What You Need to Know 
Steven Richardson, Tiremetrix

Laws regarding Tire Registration are changing. Soon, Tire Dealers will be faced with the burden of being required to electronically register every tire they sell with the manufacturer. Learn what this means to you and how you can ensure you’re shop is compliant. TPMS is not going away. Today, Automotive Service Shops & Tire retailers are faced with the choice of either embracing the technology or resisting the change and struggling to satisfy their customers. Learn about the evolving technologies in the OEM and Aftermarket. Gain some knowledge on how to help you service these vehicles quickly and efficiently and ensure you are thriving and profitable.

Where Did All the Cars Go?
Dave Striegel, Shop Doctor
Car count is dropping EVERYWHERE, but where are they all going? There’s a ‘Perfect Storm’ brewing right now that is causing shops to lose daily car count all over the country. This eye-opening class will not only show you where they went, but how long it will take before they come back and what to do in the mean time to make sure you weather this storm and keep your business profitable and growing.

​J2534 Solutions & Flash Reprogramming
Glen Eaton, Drew Technologies
SAE J2534 has been around for quite a while but some shops and technicians are still holding out. Come learn about SAE J2534, some device options and why support is so essential. This meeting will discuss Drew Technologies J2534 solutions, including the new Remote Assisted Programming Kit.
     1. What is FLASH Reprogramming?
     2. Why SAE J2534? How did SAE J2534 start?
     3. What do I need?
     4. Why is FLASH Reprogramming Important?
     5. Getting started!
     6. Coverage! Capabilities! Availability! Costs!
     7. Additional Resources
     8. J2534 Toolbox Review / Details
     9. Demonstration