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After registering and checking into your room, join us at our poolside cabana welcome reception! Spend the evening at the waterpark with your family, take a ride in the incredibly long lazy river, relax in the indoor/outdoor hot tub or have a drink at the swim-up bar! 

SUNDAY Lunch KEYNOTE - Maylan Newton


Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. If someone influences someone else, they are changing a person or thing in an indirect positive or negative, but important way. 

Each day you influence many directly and indirectly. Have you ever thought about whether your influence on people in positive or negative? We will talk about why this is an important aspect of our lives that we pay so little attention to.


Saturday Lunch & Evening Trade Show

Meet the vendors for the parts and services you currently use, network with others in the automotive industry and win prizes!
To maximize your time with vendors we will be holding the Vendor Show during two time periods. One will be during lunch on Saturday, and the other will be after dinner on Saturday evening. Please join us at one or both. Door prizes will be given away at the end of the show on Saturday evening. 


General Sessions

Saturday Morning Sessions

Effective Electrical Troubleshooting General Motors Stop-Start Technologies
- John Gillespie, Sponsored by CTI

General Motors introduced the first Stop-Start system in 2014 as standard equipment and now have over 21 models using Stop-Start technologies.  Implementing automated stop-start technology in today’s vehicle’s is a cost-effective way to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. This system operates by shutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete
standstill, and automatically restarts when the driver releases the brake pedal. This operating strategy is often utilized in full hybrid-electric vehicles but is also becoming more popular in non-hybrid vehicles. Topics include:
• Dual battery and control methods used to isolate the electrical systems during Autostop/Start
• Robust starter motor technologies - Dual Tandem Starter design and operation
• Capacitor and DC-DC (Transformer) Control Stop-Start system
• Common components found on each system
• Stop-Start input and output control logic
• DTC descriptors and scan tool diagnostic evaluation methods
• Important best service practices to handle working on GM vehicles equipped with Stop-Start systems

Don't Just Sit There - Do Something
Maylan Newton

All the knowledge in the world cannot make it happen. You must get up and take the 1st step, write the 1st word, drive the 1st nail. Our world is paralyzed by great ideas but not the discipline to implement them. Knowledge is not the power we seek, implementation of the knowledge we already have is the key to success.

Service Manager's Guide to Shop Performance
Speaker sponsored by AutoZone

This course was designed by and for fellow shop owners, service advisors and technicians and combines practical tips on measuring and improving your shop’s performance along with proven people and communications skills.
• Learn how to measure your shop’s performance and efficiency.
• Set goals and achievement plans
• Learn to recruit and retain a winning team

Immobilizer and Anti-Theft System Diagnosis
Eric Ziegler

Immobilizer and Anti-theft is incorporated in most modern vehicles. Anti-theft measures are not just keys and alarms. Some valve bodies in transmission are Theft Related Parts. More and more OE’s are component protecting their parts and requiring some measure of “anti-theft” style programming. Several types of OE Anti-theft systems, their operation and diagnosis will be covered.

Understanding the Cycle Time Process *
I-CAR Training

Learning Objectives
• Determine how to measure cycle time
• Identify waste in the collision repair process
• Overview of repair process tasks that can affect cycle time
• Identify programs that can be used to reduce cycle time issues
• List ideas for cycle time improvement for each department
Module 1 – Cycle Time Overview
The first module explains what cycle time is and how reducing it can benefit the collision repair facility. It discusses the basics of measuring cycle time, identifies the waste that hurts cycle time, and lists lean processes and SOPs that can be used to reduce cycle time.
Module 2 – Cycle Time Management Before Repairs
The second module explains how proper upfront damage analysis (i.e. blueprinting) can be used to reduce problems that commonly occur toward the back end of the repair process. This module also looks at how to ensure the proper parts are ordered and received, as well as how to manage the repair stream.
Module 2 – Cycle Time During Repairs
The final module examines cycle time issues that commonly occur throughout the repair facility.

*This course helps satisfy ProLevel training requirements for the following roles:
Estimator - Production Management - Auto Physical Damage Appraiser
This course meets New Technology training requirements for the following roles:
Steel Structural Technician - Aluminum Structural Technician - Non-Structural Technician
Electrical/Mechanical Technicians - Refinish Technician
This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Estimator - Production Management - Steel Structural Technician - Aluminum Structural Technician - Non-Structural Technician
Electrical/Mechanical Technicians - Refinish Technician - Auto Physical Damage Appraiser



Mike Reynolds

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) Part I will be covering the different types of ADAS sensors and how they function. We will build an understanding of the operation of ADAS systems and how they are integrated with many other existing systems on the vehicle and finally dive into manufacturer specific systems, and the tooling required to calibrate them.

Diagnostic Strategies on Broken Cars - Beyond the Code - Including BUS Circuit Diagnostics
Bill Fulton

The following will be discussed in this seminar:
• On-board communication diagnostics
• Air/fuel ratio problems
• Idle control problems
• Intermittent problems
• Anatomy of an ignition waveform
• Misfire diagnostics
• Mechanical integrity testing
• Beyond the code diagnostics
• Using freeze frame fail record data

Laptop Based Diagnostic Tools 
Eric Ziegler

In today’s modern world, more and more things are computer driven. The modern automobile is no exception. OE and aftermarket tool manufacturers are increasingly steering towards laptop/PC based tools. This class is designed to introduce some of the choices available to today’s driveability technician. OE and aftermarket scan tools, their operation, availability, and features will be discussed. In addition, other powerful laptop based diagnostic platforms and helpful software will be investigated. This class is designed to give both techs and shop owner’s a better idea of where the future of automotive
diagnostics is headed.

Improving Effective Labor Rate
Dan Gilley

What is your effective labor rate and why is it important? Learn what drives this number down and what you can do to improve it. This workshop gives you practical tools that you can use immediately to make improvements in your business. You will learn six primary elements that lead to increased productivity and efficiency as well as thirteen ways to improve your effective labor rate.

Sunday Morning Sessions 

Mike Reynolds

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) Part II will focus on calibrations. Dynamic vs. static, when to calibrate, how to prepare for calibrations, calibration equipment, what is happening when we calibrate, calibration tips and tricks and most importantly, what to do when the calibration fails. We will go over a wide range of ADAS related case studies showcasing
strategies to deal with a variety of calibration and component failures.

J-2534 Domestic Programming Update
John Gillespie, Sponsored by CTI

J2534 is a constantly changing arena of technology. As the need for programming in the shop bay increases, especially with mandated OE diagnostic software being provided for use with a J Device, technicians have to be more familiar with the J2534 process. This class will focus on the need for J2534 today. The current information for hardware setup, software configurations, and changing OE websites will be covered in detail. Topics will include:
• Computer and operating system setup
• Java and Browser security configurations
• J Device selection and management
• OE websites and APIs
• The reprogramming process
• Problems and Solutions

How To Become a Talent Magnet
Rick White, Sponsored by 180Biz

Let’s look at some sobering facts:
1) Unemployment is at an all-time low
2) The talent pool for quality technicians and advisors is shrinking
3) The old ways of chasing and finding potential help aren’t working any more.

Our experience shows that it takes an average of seven months to replace a great tech and we see that number only growing. Waiting for someone to leave to recruit for their replacement gets you “Mr. Right Now” in desperation instead of “Mr. Right.” Like Apple and Google, you need the best talent banging down your door every day. This class teaches you how to become your own Talent Magnet and get exactly that.
In this course you’ll learn:
• The mistakes you’re making in your hiring process right now.
• What the top 1% need and want from a company to come on board and stay.
• Strategies to turn your business into a “Talent Magnet.”

You will stop chasing top talent and start attracting them. You and your amazing team will become a Talent Magnet and bring the cream of the crop right to your front door.

Outstanding Tools for Selling More Service
Dan Gilley

Are you prepared when a customer arrives at your shop? What are you prepared for? What is the shops' service goal? Does your advisor have all they need to take care of your customers? This workshop looks for ways to improve the customer experience and make both the shop and the customer win. We need to educate and inform our customers about their
vehicles, this workshop will help with that.


Sunday afternoon Sessions

Enhanced and Functional Scan Tool Testing 
Bill Fulton

The following will be discussed in this seminar:
• The valuable 10 modes of global OBD II
• The value of freeze frame and fail record info
• What’s unique about Mode 1
• What info can be seen in Mode 1 without the mil
• Picking and choosing specific parameters based on the symptom
• The unique value of using the graphing mode
• Bi-directional function testing using cause & affect
• Various case studies

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Service & Maintenance 
Speaker sponsored by AutoZone

This course educates participants on proper methods of servicing and maintaining hybrid vehicles. The electronic components on these vehicles are often complex and expensive; therefore, proper diagnostic techniques and procedures are also crucial. During the course, participants will:
• Understand the importance of safety while servicing hybrid electric vehicles
• Identify various hybrid platforms and configurations
• Enter service or inspection modes
• Understand the similarities and differences in the hybrid brake systems in comparison to traditional vehicles

The Catastrophic Failure of You! It Happens...But Will Your Business Survive It? 
Maylan Newton

Life sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Maylan will be speaking about his recent accident and how his company was able to not only maintain but actually grow in his long-term absence. Maylan will share with you ways to make sure your business will survive even if you are not there. This is a must-attend seminar!

Making Change Stick 
Rick White, Sponsored by 180Biz

You just finished another GREAT seminar weekend with lots of ideas on how to improve your business. Back to the shop you go…ready to implement all that you have learned. Next thing you know, you are back to firefighting and babysitting. What went wrong? This class is intended to provide the owner and/or manager with practical tools that they can fall back on to not only introduce new practices and processes into their shop, but to make sure that they are implemented successfully and for the long term. This class will help you to:
• Understand and Anticipate the roadblocks to change
• Create a realistic plan that works
• Move your employees from Change Criticizers to Change Champions
• Implement change that sticks!

I-CAR Program Enhancements 
Paul Hill, Sponsored by I-CAR

I-CAR will present on their latest program enhancements, including:
• I-CAR Automotive Collision Repair Industry Knowledge & Skills Protocol
• Enhancements to I-CAR’s recognition programs
• Complete refresh of all core curriculum (263 courses)
• Increased frequency of Welding Training & Certification™ skill reverification.
• Automatic recognition for training with other providers that are I-CAR Sustaining Partners through I-CAR’s Training Alliance.
• Industry Training Relative to I-CAR Knowledge and Skills Area.
• New tools for completing, planning and tracking I-CAR training
• An unlimited training subscription for Gold Class shops to protect shops from turnover, and encourage building bench strength by better training for all technicians






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