The AASP-PA Apprenticeship Program is a member benefit that gives shop owners a structure and process for training new or existing employees. This Department of Labor approved program was developed by garage owners and technicians who have worked in the industry and operated garage businesses for years. This means that the apprentice will receive journeyman papers upon completion.

This program is not designed to help you find a new employee, but rather to help you train a new employee or an employee who is currently only involved in light services, such as oil changes and inspections. If you have a new employee, use him for up to six months. This will allow time to determine if he is a good fit for your business and a good candidate for this program. His attitude and work ethic are more important than his experience.

  • Instruction is provided through Penn Foster’s correspondence lessons, videotapes purchased by AASP-PA, on the job training with a mentor assigned by the shop, and learning over the internet.
  • The program involves 7 modules of self-study correspondent lessons. They include: Basic Automotive Systems, Engine Operation & Overhaul, Automotive Electrical Systems, Braking and Suspension Systems, Automotive Computer Control & Systems, Transmissions, and Welding.
  • There are 5 skill levels and detailed skills checklists that are checked off one task at a time by a mentor.
  • The program should take two to four years to complete. Four years would require an average of three hours of studying per week.
  • The training content was designed specifically for adult independent learners and is provided in book and/or video form. Books are 50 to 100 pages long and end in an examination. Copies of the books and exams are available online.
  • Apprentices will take the ASE certification tests as they move through the program so they will have the MasterTech status when finished.
  • This program can be paid for by the shop owner or shared by the shop owner and apprentice. Payments are due at the beginning of each of the seven modules. An agreement is available that you can execute with your apprentice. This agreement covers the situation where you have invested in this apprentice and he leaves your employment during the apprentice period or within 24 months after completion of the program. The agreement spells out how the amount of repayment is calculated.

Apprenticeship is proven to be the most efficient training system to develop employees. Once your apprentice has completed the program, you will have the qualified mechanical technician that you need. Let AASP-PA help you to develop your newest tech. To request apprenticeship fees and a program application, please phone me at the AASP-PA office (800)588-9272. Invest in your #1 asset, your employees!